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    It’s been a long winter, and with the sun finally threatening to warm things up, people are starting to see and be seen in Maplewood Village again – dining, socializing and, most importantly, shopping! One place to head to for a home décor refresh this spring is Shed Eclectic Home, located at 100 Baker Street. Owner Cindy Potters has created a shopping experience that appeals to a unique & inspired shopper who appreciates items that are “a true mix of shiny and new and beaten and worn”.

    Q7HmZOHJy14K4Nv-9bSub-ZVsFTaN5k21LUlrLcgBqM,1Z9FA4fGqauU74XhFB2JjH9MBVol96JRW-IoRjExn50From the moment I walked into Shed I couldn’t stop circling the store trying to take in one interesting item after the next. Cindy has clearly had fun combing through shelter magazines, blogs & attending New York gift shows to fill the little shop with everything from jewelry to throw pillows. When I asked her how she chooses her wares, she said, “I look for things that one wouldn’t normally see on a website or the mall (or in town). Some popular items include feather juju hats (fabulous over a mantle), paper maché animal heads (great everywhere, literally) and light up marquee letters (fun in a child’s room)”.

    FvY85ISNdk6OSGEz3IYkiEuFFtsZF4koQJH6sZPLTd4,5fe0YWq9XydkTEeE4M1R8ICmyadWNtWDqrFL0r8pZS4Cindy was writing for the Star Ledger home section in 2009, when she made the decision to rent the vacant shop that she turned into Shed. She says that she “tends to like things that aren’t perfect and loves the look of something slightly beaten next to something smooth and shiny. It’s this mix that makes things interesting, and makes a home personal and unique. That was the inspiration for the store”. You can see this passion for the mix of rough around the edges and glam in items such as the jewelry line she recently started carrying that mixes warn leather and crystals.Gk1bva5VeTioVKWk44Bii7wFAls4YjR7NeCdC_yiEXU

    It also shows in her decision to open her shop in Maplewood, NJ, a town many people flock to specifically because of its unique blend of people, restaurants & shops. Cindy loves the friendliness of both her new and repeat customers, and values the mutual respect and support that she and her fellow proprietors share for each other. She describes the town by saying, “It’s like even if someone doesn’t live here, once they cross the border they become friendly. Maplewood is a gem, a little bit like Mayberry”. Cindy has lived in the neighboring town of Millburn for the last 18 years, and loves that she can walk to work, enjoy the array of restaurants (and not have to cook!), and get in and out of NYC in a jiff.

    FOHoCkznsgFOIRFhMd4mV2aZJzhfrd7MTDYo4ulocaMWith Mother’s Day around the bend and Spring Wedding Season fast upon us, now is a great time to check out Shed to do some gift shopping – or even to pick up a new piece of turquoise jewelry for yourself. Cindy loves that her customers are keeping up with current trends in both home & fashion accessories on Houzz & Pinterest, and she does her shopping to be sure that there is an awesome assortment to choose from. Visit the storefront or to get 10% off one item from now until June 30th. Say hello to Cindy while you’re there!

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