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    Salvage Style: Spotlight on Maplewood, New Jersey Furniture & Accessories Store

    You’ve just been through the process of buying a home in Maplewood, New Jersey, and now you are faced with the exciting but daunting task of decorating it.  If you are anything like me, you are already armed with a binder stuffed with a mix of tears from luxury European design and DIY magazines, and are certain you can recreate any look from classic to opulent for pennies on the dollar.  Even if you are less decoratively inclined or enthusiastic, you still probably recognize that that beer-stained couch from college isn’t going to do your brand new house any favors.  Either way, the good news is that there is a marvelous shop right in town where you can start the process of making your new home your own.20131111_salvagestyle13862 copy

    Located right in Maplewood Village, Salvage Style is a shop where you can find some extraordinary, one of a kind refurbished and repurposed pieces.  Amy Hughes, the gracious and accomplished owner, has built a shopping experience that’s appealing to customers who are looking for unique, fun and personal furniture and accessories. For example, Amy’s current favorite piece is a vintage workbench made of rock maple.  She estimates that it was a DIY project from the 1940s or 1950s, and it is in immaculate condition.  What caught my eye was a ceramic Dachshund that Amy found at one of the many salvage yards, auctions, estate sales, fleas, and antiques shows she attends to procure her stock.  Amy also creates custom furniture made out of reclaimed material, such as a coffee table with a paneled door for the top or a desk lamp fashioned from an old tractor gear.

    Amy and her family recently moved from New York to Maplewood, and have found the creative, open-minded and welcoming community to be the perfect fit for her distinctive storefront.  In my opinion, we are lucky to have a seasoned expert in repurposing and salvaging in town! In addition to being the Features Editor for This Old House Magazine for 10 years (and repurposing since she was a child!), Amy has written a successful decorating and repurposing book called Salvage-Style Projects.  If you aren’t quite as confident in your own ability to create new from old, Amy is also a design consultant.  She says, “I love helping people spruce up their homes without spending a fortune on all new things. Oftentimes, my clients just need help pulling together a cohesive look. They’ve got great pieces, they just don’t know how to display them. I find some of the coolest things banished to an attic or garage.”20131111_salvagestyle13917 copy

    Whether you are totally furnishing your new house, redecorating a room, or even just need a one-off piece or gift, Salvage Style should definitely be one of the first places you shop.  Amy has filled the store with on-trend pieces (she says that the shiny metals of the Hollywood Regency era are back), and she is willing to let you tap into her bank of creative decorating ideas.  Each piece you buy will have an interesting past, but will be part of the future story of your home, and you can be proud to own something so distinctive.  As Amy says, “Home should be an expression of who you are and what you love.”  Let the decorating begin!

     101 Baker Street in Maplewood, NJ


    (973) 735-3798



    For Full Interview with Salvage Style owner, Amy Hughes, click here.

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