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    “Kate Elliott is a professional. She is passionate about what she does…There are not enough superlatives to describe my experience in working with Kate.  Her attention to detail and commitment to my satisfaction was above my expectations. An example of this would be Kate finding my perfect dream home whilst she was on vacation. She made everything happen-with complete  efficiency.  I’ve never been through the home buying process before. Kate was able to anticipate everything that was to come my way.

    She was always there;day or night,to address my concerns and questions. Lastly, there was never a moment when I did not feel I was working with a friend. She even presented me with the most beautiful personalized gift on the day of the closing! Kate took a personal interest in making me happy!! I would recommend Kate Elliott to anyone!!!” -Saul W.

    “ Working in conjunction with Kate has always been smooth sailing for us. She knows the market, has a real time understanding of the buying and selling process and utilizes that expertise to achieve the best end result for her clients.

    The staging game is a fluid one and we always do our best to meet the demand for a quick turn around to get a property to market ASAP. Kate facilitates the process beautifully. She communicates clearly and she organizes everything down to the last detail.  She also understands how to enable others that she is working with to do their job to the same high standards that she holds. The sign of a true professional. Coming from someone who works alongside Kate I can only imagine that its a dream to have her working FOR you in the capacity of your agent. ”  – The StagedRight team.


    “Kate worked tirelessly to help my husband and I buy our first home in a very competitive area.  She always made herself available to us no matter the time of day and was really educated as to what was going on in the marketplace. She kept us in the loop at all times and advised us accordingly as homes came on and off the market and as we experienced the highs and lows of our first bidding wars.
    When we needed a contractor to give us quotes prior to making an offer on a house that was going to sell the same day Kate made it happen. She made a couple of phone calls and the next thing we knew there was a contractor on the property ready to give us a quote so we could make an informed offer.
    Kate’s knowledge plus her amazing customer service made our house hunting experience enjoyable.  In addition to being a true professional, Kate is friendly, sincere and the kind of person you want to be on your side when you embark on the journey of buying or selling your home.  We absolutely loved working with Kate and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell.” – Anna O.

    “Thank you Kate, for helping us with every aspect of finding/renting the place we felt was best for us at this time. Your availability, prompt responding to our questions and facilitating communication between us and the landlord made it all happen at the right time and in the easiest way. We will certainly recommend you to anyone we know, who’s looking for a place to live!” -Roberta

    ” We started looking for homes in February of 2014. We had a rough start and by the time we met Kate Elliot in April, we were all but beat up. We had lost two houses with another agent and we were ready to throw in the towel. Kate emailed me after we met her at an open house. I told Kate that we were not interested in looking at that time, unless it was perfect. We gave Kate criteria and said that we would not go look at houses unless the house met all of our criteria. Kate gave us our space but kept in communication with us until we were finally ready to get back in the game. The first day that we went out with Kate, she showed up with a bound notebook of houses and a bottle of water for both of us. In fact, she brought bottled water for us every time we saw her. I recognize that this was a little thing but it meant so much to us. We were impressed by her attention to detail and organization from the very beginning. When we found the house that we loved, Kate did everything she could to get us the house. When the buyer excepted our offer, Kate walked us through the whole process. She calmed our nerves during the mortgage process and all of the home inspections. We always knew that she was just a phone call away when we needed her. As this was our first home purchase, we had no idea what to expect. Kate prepared us one step at a time, so we were ready as things came up. Kate went above and beyond for every step of the process. We love our home so much, we are truly thankful to Kate for everything she did for us.” -Sara DellaVolpe

    “I highly recommend Kate Elliot as a real estate agent. She was attentive, patient, and answered all of our questions about the homes we were looking at, whether it was in person or through the numerous phone calls we made to her. Kate remained calm and helpful even in our moments of stress and doubt. She was happy to take us out looking during many weekends, and was great with our two year old son throughout. Not only is Kate an excellent realtor, she also is an active member of the community and is able to offer resources outside of the home including daycares, parks, playgrounds and restaurants. Overall, Kate was really wonderful, and we would not hesitate to use her again. We highly recommend her for anyone looking for a realtor.” – D. Goldberg

    “Kate Elliott was my first agent. I was new to looking for houses, and being a working student I was definitely nervous about finding the right place at the right price in the short amount of time. But Kate was able to do it all with a smile on her face! She was helpful through the entire process and was always available to answer last minute questions, no matter how many I had. If you are looking for a place to rent or buy I would recommend Kate Elliott to help you through the process”.  – Joy