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    Maplewood Event – SEEN: A Photography Exhibit Featuring 5 Local Mothers & Artists

    I am extremely excited to post about a local event coming up this week in Maplewood, NJ.  SEEN is a photography exhibit featuring 5 local mothers and artists, and explores their unique perspectives on life, motherhood and, yes, even chocolate.

    After attending a regular Mom’s group, Ananda Lima, a local Maplewood resident and professional photographer, quickly realized that there was an opportunity for her to provide a creative outlet for some of the mothers who were interested in learning more about photography.  She has been balancing her career as a professional photographer for the last 5 years as well as teaching various subjects for 15 years. Seeing the opportunity to combine her love of teaching, photography and motherhood into one class, Ananda jumped at the chance to offer a beginning course that not only taught camera & technique 101, but also challenged each student to use their new knowledge to express themselves artistically.  The most unique aspect of this course was that the student’s seven toddlers also attended, making it a mommy-and-me class, but for Mommy!  Ananda is thrilled with the results of the course, and is excited for viewers to see how each artist’s project displays their unique perspectives.  She says “some projects showed more visible links to their children and motherhood, a big part of their lives and always present in this particular class. (While) others showed a part of their inner world and how they see things that (she) was not necessarily familiar with before seeing their photographs”. Ananda’s portraits of each of the students will be exhibited alongside the artist’s final projects.


    Lisa Smith

    Lisa and her family moved from New York City to Maplewood about a year ago, and has found the community to be welcoming, particularly with such a strong network of full-time mothers.  She chose to take this photography course because it was appealing to enhance her photography skills while still having the children participate. She applauds Ananda’s patience and ability to be such an enthusiastic & effective instructor despite the chaos created by the smaller members of the class. Lisa’s photographs are intimate glimpses of her day-to-day lifestyle while preparing for the arrival of their second child, a Baby Girl!  Her husband, Danny & her son, Liam, are excited to meet the “Little Lady Bump” in May.



    AlysonAlyson Levy

    Alyson is also expecting her second child this Spring, and she has lived in Maplewood for 2 years with her husband, Michael, and her two-year-old daughter, Nola.  She chose to focus her photographs on Nola, who is “a very expressive two year old who runs the range of emotions from angry, to frustrated, to gleeful and back to distraught in a matter of seconds”.  Alyson has used Maplewood as the backdrop for her images, and used a wide-angle lens to capture the surroundings as well. She loves that photography gives the viewer a glimpse into the artist’s life, and she included Nola’s surroundings to help showcase, not only her moods & actions, but how they relate to her environment. Alyson is excited to be a part of a community like Maplewood, which is rife with artists & families, and is always growing and changing.




    Miki Schoenfeld photographed by Ananda LimaMiki Schoenfeld

    Miki, Scott and their two loving sons, Kai (4 yrs old) and Kent (19 mo old), have lived in Maplewood for the last 3 years.  Although they have lived in places like Yokohama, Japan, Seattle and San Francisco, she immediately found a home in Maplewood’s family-friendly community.  They are very close with their neighbors, Ananda being one of them!  Miki’s showcase is entitled “Look-up”, which include photographs she shot in Maplewood, as well as scenes from Mexico & the Caribbean, where she vacationed with her family last Winter. Her photographs include her children as well as everyday objects, and are clean and graphic in style. Miki uses photography as an outlet to record her life, as well as for enjoyment, and took Ananda’s class because of her “work, artistic talent, full techniques and her friendly approach, especially when she photographed (Miki’s) family”.



    GailGail Fornell

    Gail is a mother to two beautiful boys, Nicholas (4), and Phiippe (almost 3), and she and her husband, Rolf, are expecting their third child this year. Gail moved to Maplewood from Belgium last summer, and while she has loved the transition, she found she missed some things about living in Belgium.  This was the inspiration for her work in Ananda’s class, and her final project is a collection of photographs that pays homage to what she misses most – chocolate! Gail has been excited to meet so many other young families in the area, and loves that you can walk right to town.  Although she has been interested in photography for several years, she really needed a teacher like Ananda, who could help her understand the basics of using her camera, as well as to challenge her artistic eye and push her creative boundaries, giving her a greater appreciation for the art.


    The reception will occur at 5pm on April 19th, 2014 at 53 Maplewood Av., Maplewood, NJ. Refreshments will be served, and entry is free.

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