It’s All About The Benjamins!

    Everyone knows that New York prices are a kick in the stones, but there are many ways besides just the cost of an Appletini in which New Jersey is more affordable. Of course, the reverse sticker-shock alone is appealing. Were you aware that two whole people can eat a nice, sit-down meal in this state for the same price that it costs me to even walk into Marquee?  But there are more long-term savings that people should be aware of.   The first is that, if you live in New Jersey but still work in New York, you are refunded the NYC income tax or “Manhattan Tax”, which can be close to 4%!  Also, if you have a mortgage here, you can deduct your mortgage interest payments on your tax return.  If you are renting, (as we were in New York), you certainly understand the value of building equity if you purchase a home!  All in all I never minded paying more for the experience of New York, but we were ready to save, and these were several ways we were able to do so.  Plus, I’d rather have three Appletinis for my money than just one.

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