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    New York, New York to New Jersey, New Jersey

    After a decade of living the electric Manhattan lifestyle that many twenty-somethings do, my husband and I made the brave decision to abandon under-bed boxes and street meat and buy a house in Maplewood, New Jersey.  Thinking this was a very grown up decision on our part, we gathered our friends at a dinner party to announce our sophisticated & exciting plan.  We imagined hearty cheers and champagne corks popping everywhere; surely our people would dance festively and congratulate us while trying to mask their discernible jealousy.

    Our news went over like a lead balloon.  After a full 3 minutes of silence and furtive glances between our guests, someone finally explained that leaving New York in favor of Snooki & unidentifiable smells would actually make us uncool.   “How could we want to take our finger off of the pulse of New York”, they asked, and “if you move to the suburbs you might as well buy a pair of crocs and start collecting yard figurines”.  Nearly five years later, and having firmly planted roots in the Garden State, my next few posts highlight just a few reasons why the move was both a cool and savvy one, and why some of those same friends are now our neighbors.

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