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    GUEST POST: Aaron Levine talks Insurance!

    Insurance from The City to The Burbs

    Moving out of the city and into a neighboring suburb, like Maplewood, NJ, brings a lot of excitement and anxiety about how life will be when there is no street noise at 3AM.

    Besides buying a new house, having a mortgage, buying a car and all of that extra furniture you will need when you buy your new house, there are some responsibilities that go along with moving out of the city, such as buying insurance.

    Many young people or recently married couples that currently rent do have insurance, but it is typically minimal.  Maybe they have renters insurance that will cover some liability if they get sued and will also cover minimal personal property in case of a fire. These policies provide basic coverage and tend to be very inexpensive.

    When people get to New Jersey and realize that Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance and Personal Property Insurance can be a significant expense, many default to the television commercials to SAVE SAVE SAVE, which isn’t always in their best interest.   While you can certainly get good policies that will protect you, sometimes you want to be sure what you are paying for is going to be what you really need.

    When buying a house it is important to work with a great Realtor that knows the local market for pricing, availability and has great connections to help you secure a mortgage and get insurance for your new home and everything else that you are buying to put in it.  Using experts is the best way to create success. As a local professional, my goal is to guide you through the transition of renting to owning, and to make that process efficient and cost effective. It is important to trust the professionals around you so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor and move on out to Maplewood NJ or any of the surrounding Metropolitan areas.

    If you have questions on insurance, check out our website and call us 877.288.7169. Tell us that Kate Elliott sent you and we will be sure to provide you with top notch customer service for your new home purchase.

    Good Luck on Your Home Search!

    Aaron Levine

    President – LG Insurance Agency

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