A Country Mouse here is really still a City Mouse

    One of the main concerns we had about leaving the trendy and culture-rich Manhattan lifestlye, was that there just plain wouldn’t be enough to do in New Jersey!  Once we got here we felt about as sharp as a Corningware full of mashed potatoes.  Not only is access to Manhattan’s Central Park, Museums & ever-changing plethora of restaurants still a scant 28 minute train ride away, but many of NYC’s most desirable activities can also be found in Maplewood’s surrounding areas.  Now our friends choose to bike South Mountain Reservation with us rather than jockeying for space in the Central Park Loop.  We have also spent afternoons exploring the Liberty Science Center and Turtle Back Zoo and never once had to hoist a stroller down the steps to the N Train!  As far as restaurants, we often meet friends in The City to enjoy new and old favorites, but now they know are eager to try renowned eats in our area like Lorena’s, a top-ranked French find within walking distance of our pad.  All in all our move didn’t limit our playground, it expanded it!


    Now with half a decade of New Jersey experience under our belts, we can say with confidence that leaving Manhattan actually increased our cool.   Our house is now a home, our neighborhood is comfortable, and we couldn’t swing a cat without hitting something fun to do.  If you are thinking of taking the big leap across the Hudson, don’t fear!  I am happy to introduce you to the area and help you find a home that makes the transition easy for you and your family. I might even buy you an Appletini.

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